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Hide details for RouterRouter
DVDIASU9A3Fixed a problem in the HTML Parser where the router would sometimes hang while processing styles.
Hide details for SearchSearch
JPAIB6ZLKGFixed a problem with the Domino server where the Java Tika process was not terminating cleanly on Domino server shutdown on non windows...
STAAB6A5GXFixed a problem in the Domino server where the Tika java process was not being shutdown when the update task was restarted.
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
GFALBDAKG2Fixed a problem where upgrading Domino to newer release resulted in Secure Connections for Domino Virtual Servers and Hosts to fail
JALAB6SRRHNotes Client - New option provided - If EnableThreeClicks ini is set to 1, user will be required to enter three clicks for opening attachments and...
Hide details for WidgetsWidgets
VRARB6GJCZ Fixed a problem in the Notes standard client where Widgets would not work. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
Hide details for XPagesXPages
RGANBBABEDXPages - Fixed an issue with XPiNC in Mac which resulted in an Error 500 page showing when launching the XPages Demo App. This regression was...
MNAA9K9ANAXPages - Fixed a problem where XPages documents would not show an inserted image if an attachment had been uploaded to the document. The MIME data...
TOCLBC7MGL XPages - Fixed a problem in Domino Designer where XPages would no longer work after opening/closing a form if LibreOffice (v6.2) was installed. ...
Hide details for 10.0.1 FP210.0.1 FP2
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
TKAAB649CXFixed a problem with the collecting schedule for statistics report so that the event generators will only be read/updated if the configuration...
TKAAB77B3QFixed a problem where changes to Domino server event generators (enabled/disable) were not being picked up promptly. The work-around was to restart...
Hide details for Administration ClientAdministration Client
MSKAB9YPCCAdmin Client - Previously the Smart Upgrade tool could not be launched from the admin client. The workaround was to open the database directly. ...
MSKABA2HNLWhen managing ID vault password reset authorities in the Domino Administration client an internal 64k limit was being reached that prevented more...
KKOOB9E3KDAdmin Client - The icon for ID Vault tools section in the People and Configuration tabs of the admin client was missing. This has been corrected. ...
Hide details for AlarmAlarm
JKEYB7MM59iNotes - Fix problem that snoozed alarm notification doesn't appear at the expected time if multiple alarms with same alarm time are continuously...
JKEYB7MMCWiNotes - Fix problem that some of the alarm notifications don't appear if the user doesn't close the previous notification and multiple alarms are...
Hide details for AppDevAppDev
JCUSB83QUFDQL: Fixed a problem where running updall -e against a database with a default view defined (no selection criteria, no columns) would fail to run. ...
JCUSB8HMLEDQL - Fixed a problem where DQL query terms that begin with single quote and many that have embedded quotes weren't handled...
JCUSBA8HVPDQL - Fixed a crash when doing load domquery -? command. Help text will now be output.
JCUSB97QL5DQL: Fixed a problem where precedence order of terms was not being honored. ANDs are now applied before the ORs.


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